Thank you for the enjoyment you give all your dancers.

Mrs Blake, East Sussex.

Will you please send me the videos – not that I need it after the excellent tuition I received!

Mrs Tingey, Hampshire.

For some time we have wanted to extend our dance routines with something that could be used in the social dance environment. You showed us some lovely routines which fit the bill and what’s more we can remember them!

Mr & Mrs Collingwood, East Yorkshire.

Thank you for all your time and most of all patience with us. We have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons. We shall talk about you whenever we are on a dance floor!

Mr & Mrs White, Kent.

We really enjoyed the dance class.

Mr & Mrs Little, Clackmannanshire.

I really enjoyed your teaching, you really made it special.

Mrs Scouse, Hampshire.

We went dancing on Monday evening and even managed to remember the Rumba routine to show our friends there! They were pretty impressed.

Mr & Mrs Boulter, Leicestershire.

We both enjoy dancing so much with instructors of your calibre.

Mr & Mrs Wright, East Yorkshire.

Thank you for all your help.

Mr & Mrs Clark, Lancashire.

We so enjoyed your lessons.

Mrs Yawn, Bedfordshire.

Thanks for the lessons! They were fun.

Elisa & Mel.

We greatly enjoyed the lessons we had.

Mr & Mrs Osborne-Smith, Isle of Wight.

Many thanks for the excellent tuition.

Mr & Mrs Morley, East Sussex.

We will always remember you. Many thanks for your stimulating company.

Mr & Mrs Powell, Cardiff.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Mr & Mrs Nash, Lincolnshire.

Many thanks for all your help and excellent instruction, we have enjoyed every minute of it.

Ms Rowe, Devon.

Thanks again for your brilliant teaching.

Mr & Mrs Thomas, London.

Many thanks for the very enjoyable dance lessons I had with you. I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gave me, your tuition and patience was much appreciated.

Ms Towner, Hampshire.

At last we think we’ve got it! Thank you for all your patience. It has been a pleasure to know you.

Mr & Mrs Cox, Hampshire

Many thanks for the very nice lessons. I will never forget the Tango lessons and the great fun we had together.

Ms Jones, London.

Thanks for the lessons, we have thoroughly enjoyed them. We are seriously thinking of putting down a wooden floor at home so we can practice!

Mr & Mrs Stewart, Oxfordshire.

Thank you for your patient and inspirational teaching. The pennies have dropped and we now have more confidence and enjoyment on the dance floor.

Mr & Mrs Wallace, Hampshire.

Great teaching.

Mr & Mrs Oddy, Croydon.

A very big thank you for all the dance classes. We have had a brilliant time learning all the dances.

Ms Price, Oxfordshire.

Thank you for everything you two have done for us.

Mr Edgeller, Surrey.

We had a lovely time with your lessons which gave us so much pleasure and enabled us to go dancing and have a great time.

Mr & Mrs Brown, Kent.

With many thanks, once again, for making lessons so much FUN!

Mr & Mrs Boulter, Surrey.

We now dance 2-3 times a week, thanks to your early encouragement.

Mr & Mrs Wallace, Hampshire.

You are the best teachers. Truthfully, you two are by far the best teachers!

Mr & Mrs Evans, Yorkshire.

We thoroughly enjoyed your classes.

Mr & Mrs Paterson, Perth.

You are two lovely people and great dance instructors.

Mrs Bascombe, West Sussex.

It was a wonderful experience for me dancing with someone as professional as you and I shall say a BIG thank you.

Mr & Mrs Parsons, Berkshire.

Thank you for your enjoyable teaching and guidance.

Mr & Mrs Mitchell, West Sussex.

Even though we had to concentrate, you both made it such fun.

Mr & Mrs Todd, Jersey.

We have enjoyed your company and the lessons, thank you most sincerely.

Mr & Mrs Yawn, Bedfordshire.

You were excellent at trying to accommodate everybody’s needs.

Mr & Mrs Cross, Caerphilly.

Thank you again for the dancing lessons, which we enjoyed with you.

Mr & Mrs Osborne-Smith, Isle of Wight.

Thank you for many happy hours in dancing class. When I saw you I was delighted to think I would be able to join your happy family again, for that’s what you somehow manage to make of a disparate group of dancers. You’re artistes not only in dance, but in human relations!

Mrs Smith, Surrey.

Thanks for all the hard work with the new steps. We really enjoyed lessons with you and look forward to seeing you again.

Mr & Mrs Bodenham, Dublin.

Thanks for your patience and for putting up with us.

Mrs Shin, California.

Many thanks for your kindness and consideration.

Mrs Green, Lancashire.

You’re the greatest!

Mrs Tingey, Hampshire.

Thanks for making learning fun.

Mr & Mrs Milne, Yorkshire.

We would like to thank you for the pleasure and happiness you have bought to our lives.

Mr & Mrs Squires.